Performer/Competitor Entry Form

The 3rd Annual Florida Pole & Aerial Arts Showcase will be held on

Friday, October 3rd @ 7:00PM at The Caribe Royale Orlando

The Southeast Aerial Art Championships will be held on

Saturday & Sunday, October 4th-5th

Registration process:

1. Please register for the event using the widget below. It will ask you to pay the entry fee, then you’ll select which events and levels you are signing up for.

2. Download the Showcase performer/Aerial competitor packet from here or from the confirmation email so that you make sure you have all the info you need to prepare.

We will provide ice water, light snacks and gift bags. As a competitor, you are welcome to enter and exit the venue as many times as you like throughout the day that you are performing. You are encouraged to stay and watch the other events and cheer on your fellow polers!

Early registration at the discounted rate ends July 26, 2014 at 11:59 PST or whenever we sell out the slots, whichever comes first. Registration at the regular entry fee rate ends August 9, 2014 at 11:59 PST until we reach the maximum number of performers that we can take. Fees cover your performance, entry to the show during the day and section in which you are performing, gift bags, light snacks and water.

 Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

To register for the Southeast Aerial Art Championships, use the drop down date menu for Saturday October 4th.

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There are no rules or restrictions on what you choose to perform, except that you should take this seriously: select music ahead of time. Choreograph. Design a costume that works with your theme. Tell a story and focus on musicality. Think carefully about what elements of your style you want to showcase. Run through your routine many, many times before the date of the show. 

Nudity and explicit music is prohibited, and all props must be pre-approved by the Florida Pole & Aerial Arts Showcase management by September 15th, 2014.

All performers must be 18 years of age and up with proper ID.


Music may not exceed 4:00 for ALL performers. RADIO EDITS ONLY.  Music editing available for an additional fee of $20.


All female performers must wear at minimum a triangle bikini top and bikini bottoms – NO G-STRINGS. All male performers may be bare chested or wear a top. Performers may dance barefoot or with shoes. NUDITY IS PROHIBITED.


Two 12’ 45mm X-Poles will be provided for performers to use courtesy of Rigging will be done from a truss system.


Hoops and all rigging equipment will be provided by the event organizers and checked by our rigger before the event. You will be able to select from two single point hoop sizes, 34” or 36”, which must be submitted to organizers by August 11, or we will select for you. There will be a minimum 4” mat underneath (dimensions TBA) the hoop for all events.

  • 34” hoop: height off floor and spanset length TBA
  • 36” hoop: height off floor and spanset length TBA


The stage dimensions are: 24 feet wide, 16 feet deep, and 18 inches high.


A semi-stretch fabric will be provided. Ceiling height is 25 feet. Folded fabric is 41 feet, including tail.

 If you need to bring your own apparatus (hammock) or have an unusual apparatus please contact